Buying a new car is always an exciting endeavor. Here are 5 reason a Cadillac ATS should be your next one. 

The name “Cadillac” conjures a sense of class, perfection and glamor.

When people call something the best of its kind, they’ll say, “It’s the Cadillac of …” Such respect symbolizes the prestige and sophistication the brand deserves.

It’s a reputation that must be earned, and is. Cadillac burnished its renown with the ATS. It epitomizes sports and glamor melded into the same gorgeous package. It’s not just for movie stars and limousines, the ATS is for anyone who wants to luxuriate in such craftsmanship.

Here are five good reasons to make the Cadillac ATS your next car.

1. Quality

It’s made by General Motors, along with a long list of other quality vehicles. GM has stood for quality and craftsmanship for more than a century. It produces its prestigious line, including Cadillac, in as many as 35 different countries.

With the GM brand, you know you’ll get a good-looking, well-built vehicle. Despite some past hiccups, GM motors along to produce great vehicles. They don’t put the GM Brand of Excellence on just anything with four wheels.

GM continues to produce award-winning cars and trucks. It’s quality, service and engineering excellence have won repeated recognition.

That high quality also is expressed in other ways. It gives back to the community by providing community and corporate grants. It encourages employees to volunteer within their communities. It looks for other opportunities to show its commitment.

2. Features

The Cadillac ATS comes to you in either a coupe or a sedan. Both are beautiful, and whichever you choose, you get a superior drive and luxurious ride. Both models come with many standard features, plus the luxury interiors and comfort you expect from Cadillac.


Its engine is powerful enough to feel like a sports car. Yet it has all the comfort and style of a luxury vehicle. It’s available with 6- or 8-speed transmission, rear-vision camera and keyless open. Some models offer remote start. Although a four-door for family convenience, the ATS Sedan is distinctly sporty and exudes class.


This powerful little beauty provides impressive performance and speed. The two-door Coupe is just as graceful on the open road as in the corners and downtown clutter. It features a standard 8-speed transmission and high-quality front brakes, plus the latest technology. It retains its classic sports car elegance.

3. Latest Technology

What’s a luxury car without the latest technological advancements? The ATS engages your driving pleasure with the latest, most user-friendly and convenient technology and apps.


The ATS saves your frequent destinations. It has map integration with full weather reports and the ability to zoom in and out. It’s safe and easy to swipe the map.


The ATS and your mobile phone just became BFFs. Integrate your Smartphone with the vehicle so you can drive while the phone answers or makes hands-free calls.

You can access your favorite apps, link preprogrammed music and have your latest eBook, article or text messages read aloud so you can concentrate on the road. Speaking of music, hear it played on the ATS’s standard surround sound 10-speaker system for concert hall quality.

It provides wireless charging for your devices. Customize the home page to easily access your features and apps. Everything you need is at your fingertips, and newer models come with voice-activation features.

4. Home Made

Cadillac Motor Co. was founded in Detroit in 1905. Named after the Detroit’s founder, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, its original vision to produce luxury, stylish automobiles with precision engineering is still followed today.

The ATS debuted in 2012 when GM and Cadillac recognized the need for smaller, more economical cars. But no one said small and economical has to lack style, comfort and luxury.

The ATS remains affordable while still having those features that make Cadillac a desirable, classy and luxurious vehicle. Because it’s made in America, you find parts and service expertise more easily.

5. Cadillac ATS Affordability

You don’t have to be a celebrity to own a Cadillac, but you can look like one. Competition is strong in the automobile market and keeping competitive is a real challenge.

Foreign cars saturate the U.S. market and make it hard to compete. But Cadillac changed that game with their ATS – a luxury sports car with speed, precision and affordability.

Why be like everyone else when you can simply be you? Find your style and comfort with a new or previously loved ATS and learn how cool it is to be Cadillac cool.

Elvis Loved ‘Em

Elvis Presley loved Cadillacs. He bought them for friends and family. Presley sparked a renewed interest in Cadillacs sixty years ago, and the love continues. He even owned a pink one. That 1955 Fleetwood set a tone for the 1950s and made Cadillac famous around the world.

Classic Cars

When you look for a car, look at Cadillac. You can’t go wrong with such a class name and company. You’ll get the quality and the assurance you bought a great vehicle that Cadillac stands behind. Get a bumper-to-bumper warranty considered one of the market’s best.

Proud owners know well Cadillac’s safety features and durability. It has a long history of making great luxury cars. That pride of workmanship continues in the ATS.

Call (402) 238-1729 or visit Huber Cadillac for details about available new or used Cadillac ATS cars, to get a quote or ask about financing.

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