Your Ultimate Seasonal Car Maintenance Guide

Do you know when – and why – your car needs a regular service and maintenance? Here’s your ultimate car maintenance guide for a safe car.

Icy winter roads pose a considerable risk to drivers and are responsible for over 500,000 accidents each year. While it might sound unavoidable, there are a few things you can do to reduce your risk.

When fall comes around and the temperatures start to drop, it is the perfect time to get your car winter-ready. By following this maintenance guide, you can ensure that your car will be safe while driving out on those snowy and icy roads.

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The Best Car Accessories for Cadillac Geeks

Buying a gift for a Cadillac lover is easy when you check out this guide to the best car accessories any gadget-loving Cadillac gear head will love.

Cadillac has a long history of excellence that has earned it a devoted fan base. In 2017, Cadillac achieved its second-highest global sales numbers in its 115-year history.

If you know someone who loves the Cadillac brand, here’s your ticket to the perfect gift. We have a list of the best car accessories that any Cadillac geek will love.

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Hot Tips to Negotiate a Trade-in for Your New Cadillac

Don’t miss out on a good deal for your new Cadillac. Here’s how to negotiate a trade in for a fair price towards your brand-new car.

Buying a new car is exciting. You replace your old ride with a new make and model to upgrade your driving experience.

If you’re like most people, this happens every 11 years or so. But what to do with your old car? Sure, you can sell it privately, but a trade-in cuts the cost of your new car. It’s almost always the better option.

But how do you negotiate so you get the most for your old vehicle? Here are a few tips.

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How Does an Auto Lease Work? Your Cadillac Leasing Options Explained

You’ve got your eye on a new Cadillac, but not the funds to buy it. Leasing could be the answer! But how does an auto lease work? Your questions answered here!

If you think that only the very wealthy can afford a beautiful new Cadillac, you might reconsider after reading this.

Leasing a vehicle is a great alternative to outright buying a new car. However, most buyers are stuck with a simple question: “how does an auto lease work?”

If you’re considering leasing a Cadillac or other car, keep reading to learn all the answers!

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DIY Oil Change: A DIY Don’t

Contrary to popular belief, performing a DIY oil change may not actually save you time or money. Find out why you should leave it to the experts.

Have you thought about doing your own oil changes? How hard can it be, anyway? Simply drain the old oil and add the new. Simple, right?

Car maintenance costs can quickly add up, so it makes sense that many owners might look to what they can do on their own. And with an oil change seemingly not needing any special equipment, that makes it an obvious choice.

However, there’s a reason almost everyone you know gets theirs done at the dealership or garage. While not impossible, it’s certainly not as convenient as one might think.

Keep reading to find out why a DIY oil change is a DIY don’t.

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A Sign of Trust: What Does the Cadillac Logo Stand For?

Car brands live and die by their reputations, and nothing signifies this reputation quicker than their logo. What does the Cadillac logo stand for? Read here.

The classic Cadillac logo is one of the most recognized branded images on the planet.

But have you ever wanted to learn more about this symbol of status and luxury? Especially if you’re currently in the market for a new Cadillac, you may be curious about the history of the brand and the Cadillac symbol as a whole.

You’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the famous and beloved colorful wreath and crest, and how it’s evolved over the past few decades.

Then, we’ll fill you in on where you can find the Cadillac you’ve always dreamed of owning.

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Cadillac Escalade ESV vs EXT: Which Should You Buy?

Which should you buy between the Cadillac Escalade ESV vs EXT? Check out this guide to find out.

During its first year of production, Cadillac put nearly 2500 cars into the market, which at that time, was a considerable number.

The Cadillac name was derived from and named after the French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe Cadillac who founded the city of Detroit in 1701. Cadillac was created in 1902 by Henry Leland, who convinced shareholders of Henry Ford’s failed company to stay in business.

He wanted to combine the latest Ford frame with a cylinder engine and with the blessing of the shareholders, used this methodology to create Cadillac. The first Cadillac was $850.

Over a hundred years later, we’re looking at comparisons like the Escalade ESV vs EXT. Cadillac introduced the world’s first electric self-starter and was the first automotive company to provide automatic windshield wipers and power steering as standard equipment on all of its vehicles.

Now Cadillacs can cost well over $50,000. Al Capone’s very own Cadillac was the first presidential bulletproof limo. But which is the best buy today? Keep reading to find a break down of the ESV vs the EXT.

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2019 Escalade vs Range Rover: Which is Better?

What’s better between the 2019 Escalade vs Range Rover? Check out this complete breakdown of each vehicle to learn which one is really a better fit for you.

It’s expected that SUVs will make up 50% of all car sales in the United States by 2020. In Nebraska, SUVs and crossovers make up about 48% of new car sales.

If you’re looking to trade your sedan for a truck or an SUV, you may wonder which will satisfy your needs.

To help you decide, we created this guide outlining everything you need to know about the Escalade vs Range Rover. Keep reading to learn more about these two vehicles.

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The XT5 Driver Awareness Package: Everything You Need to Know

From Front Pedestrian Detection to a Rear Cross Traffic Alert, find out how the XT5’s Driver Awareness Package makes your Cadillac XT5 safer.

A top IIHS rating for the Cadillac XT5 goes a long way to establish the car as one of the safest vehicles in America. And even though IIHS ratings mostly focus on the effectiveness of rear braking systems, the XT5’s Driver Awareness Package played a big role in its safety rating.

But what exactly is the role of the Driver Awareness Package?

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What It Means: Cadillac Terminology (Easily) Explained

Cadillac’s nomenclature can be difficult to understand since it keeps changing. Here’s Cadillac model terminology easily explained.

Have you ever wondered why Cadillac insists on incomprehensible letters and numbers instead of actual names for its models? Well, you’re not alone.

The alphanumeric names are like a puzzle. Once you solve it, you know exactly what you get.

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The 2019 Cadillac Takeaway: A Year of Cadillac Automobiles in Review

Which 2019 Cadillac stole the show & what did the year produce? We’re sharing it all in our 2019 Cadillac takeaway!

In the second quarter of 2019, Cadillac sales made up almost 40,000 of the new vehicles purchased in the U.S. No doubt about it: Cadillac sales are going strong.

Are you interested in a 2019 Cadillac but need to know your options? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Check out our takeaway of the 2019 Cadillac models.

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