From Front Pedestrian Detection to a Rear Cross Traffic Alert, find out how the XT5’s Driver Awareness Package makes your Cadillac XT5 safer.

A top IIHS rating for the Cadillac XT5 goes a long way to establish the car as one of the safest vehicles in America. And even though IIHS ratings mostly focus on the effectiveness of rear braking systems, the XT5’s Driver Awareness Package played a big role in its safety rating.

But what exactly is the role of the Driver Awareness Package?

In any given car model, the Driver Awareness Package is a suite of features that enhance your recognition of potential road hazards. By increasing your awareness of things like other traffic, road signs and general surroundings, these features increase your overall road safety. Considering Nebraska’s varied terrain, frequent changes from rural to city driving, and unpredictable weather, the Driver Awareness Package is a perfect addition to your XT5.

That said, the features included in each Driver Awareness Package differ from one model to another.

So, which features are included in the XT5 Driver Awareness Package?

More importantly, how does each feature increase your road safety?

Read on to find out.

What’s Included in the XT5 Driver Awareness Package?

The XT5 suite of safety technologies uses radar technology and photo imaging to identify potential hazards obstacles. Additionally, the Cadillac XT5 comes with Surround Vision capability. While this isn’t included in the driver assist package, it’s a justified mention since it increases safety by providing a bird’s eye view of the car.

Included in the driver assist Suite of features are:

  • Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Forward Collision Alert
  • Following Distance Indicator
  • Front Pedestrian Detection
  • IntelliBeam® headlamps
  • Front Automatic Braking

Below is a deeper look at each feature:

1. Lane Keep Assist With Lane Departure Warning

This driving package feature utilizes a camera sensor to detect lane lines. When turned on, and you’re cruising above 37mph, it monitors the lane lines ahead to alert you if you’re drifting too much to one either side.

With the system on, there will be a green icon resembling a car between two lanes when it senses either a left or right lane marking. In case you drift near the markings without using a turn signal or steering, the icon changes its color to amber.

If you keep drifting past the lane markings, the amber icon begins to flash, provided Lane Departure Warning is engaged. You might also hear a beep sound. And if you’ve equipped Safety Alert Seat, it will pulse on the direction you’re drifting to. This feature is especially useful on those long trips across the state along Interstate 80. But it’s also great for Omaha and Lincoln commuters who use the highway system to get to and from work each day.

2. Rear Cross Traffic Alert

This feature uses concealed radar sensors positioned in the rear corners of your car to stop you from backing into cross traffic. The sensors auto-activate each time you put your car in Reverse and provide an alert in case they detect a nearby vehicle.

As for the detection range, it’s 65 feet to either side of your vehicle. When Rear Cross Traffic Alert is active, there’s a red flashing triangle with a right or a left arrow pointing towards nearby cross traffic. The triangle appears on your touchscreen, where you’ll also find your rear vision camera. If you’re one of the many people in Omaha who routinely must back out of a driveway onto a busy thoroughfare, this feature is a can’t-miss addition.

In addition to pointing towards nearby cross traffic, the alert produces several beeps. And if you have Safety Alert seat equipped, it’ll also pulse on the direction of the traffic.

3. Forward Collision Alert

The Forward Collision Alert helps minimize tailgating and the severity of front-end collision. It’s also effective at preventing front-end collisions when traveling at low speeds.

If the forward collision sensors detect a car ahead, you’ll see a green vehicle-shaped icon on your display, or Heads-Up display (if your SUV has it). The icon will turn yellow if you’re too close to the vehicle ahead.

In case you’re coming up on the car ahead too fast, a flashing red icon will appear. There might also be about eight high-pitched beeps as part of the alert, or Safety Alert beeps (for those with the feature).

The detection range of the Forward Collision Alert stands at about 197 feet ahead. For Cadillac XT5s with Adaptive Cruise Control, that range rises up to 360 feet.

This, along with the next feature, is perfect for those who frequently travel along the Interstate, especially around the two largest cities. You’ve all experienced the ebb and flow of traffic speeds in the city. A warning indicator telling you when you’ve come too close to a vehicle is just the ticket for keeping your commute a safe one.

4. Following Distance Indicator

The following distance indicator helps you keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead. It helps avoid rear-end collisions caused by tailgating and ensures compliance with the vehicle following distance rules.

This feature utilizes your car’s Forward Collision Alert sensors to determine the following time between you and the car ahead. In so doing, it helps you know if you’re following too closely. XT5s with this feature display the following distance in a separate section of the Driver Information Center.

If the vehicle ahead isn’t within range, you’ll see dashes on your display. The only time you’ll see an indicator is when there’s a following time of at least 0.5 seconds between your car and the vehicle ahead.

5. Front Pedestrian Detection

Also referred to as Front Pedestrian breaking, this safety technology helps prevent collisions with cyclists and pedestrians by engaging your car’s brakes automatically. Omaha doesn’t have many streets with cyclist lanes, meaning you’ll encounter plenty of them on your daily drives. Front Pedestrian Detection helps you share the road better with those traveling on two wheels.

It uses a front camera named Opel Eye to detect pedestrians and cyclist directly ahead, and in danger of collision. When the camera picks up a pedestrian, and you haven’t already engaged the brakes, the system alerts you. At the same time, it applies the brakes to reduce the severity of the collision or avoid it altogether.

It’s important to note that this car and driver safety feature works closely with the Forward Collision Alert system.

6. IntelliBeam Headlamps

Available as a standard safety feature on all Cadillacs, the trademarked Intellibeam controls your car’s high-beam headlights under different lighting conditions. When it’s dark and there are no other vehicles present, it turns on the high-beam headlights. The reverse is true for when the lighting conditions change.

How many times have you forgotten to dim your lights? Probably more than a few. For drivers who get outside the city lights of Omaha and Lincoln, high-beams are essential. Intellibeam ensures that you remain courteous to other Nebraska drivers while keeping your field of vision illuminated as much as possible.

The IntelliBeam system only comes into action when driving at speeds above 25mph. It uses a sensor positioned at the top central part of your windscreen to automatically control the headlights.

With auto-control active, you high-beam headlamps will remain on unless:

  • The system detects headlamps from approaching traffic or taillamps from preceding vehicles
  • The lighting conditions outside aren’t dark enough to warrant high-beam headlights use
  • You’re driving at less than 12mph
  • You move the turn signal level forward to the high-beam position or, use the Flash-to-pass feature

These intelligent headlamps make this vehicle perfect for foggy drives.

7. Front Automatic Braking

Front automatic braking engages your vehicle’s brakes if the sensors detect an imminent front-end collision.

It does so to reduce the fatality of a collision, especially in situations where the driver fails to apply breaks and comes up too fast on the traffic ahead.

In such instances, you’ll see a red collision alert, or several flashing LED lights on your driver display. You may also feel five Safety Alert Seat pulses or eight, high-pitched beeps.

This feature brings it all together for Nebraska drivers. You will encounter many obstacles driving the byways of The Heartland. Wildlife, slow traffic, blind driveways, cyclists, and pedestrians all contribute to a tricky driving environment. Front Automatic Braking can help navigate the pitfalls of Nebraska driving.

Drive a Cadillac XT5 This Year

With such a multitude of safety features in the XT5 Driver Awareness Package, the Cadillac might just be the best luxury car for drivers who prioritize road safety.

If you’re thinking about getting one, check our Cadillac XT5 inventory and call our sales department at: (402) 238-1729 to arrange a test drive.

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